Orines is a centrally located monarchy in the land of Sezona. It is the entertainment capital of the land, sending performers of all kinds around the globe. It is however, best known for it’s famous jewelers and tailors. Even a single piece of Orinon finery fetches a high price in foreign lands.


Run by a longstanding monarchy, the land is peaceful after the war. Only the borderlands were scarred by battle. Now the nobles seek wisdom as to what truly sparked fighting, amidst the standard political intrigue of the court. Divided into smaller duchy’s, the Dukes/Duchesses are vying to better there positions. Some even conspire to seize the throne themselves.


The visuals are striking in Orines. People travel far and wide to gaze upon the high vaulted ceilings and French Gothic style of architecture. Although divided, the cathedrals rival no others, seemingly reaching up to the Gods themselves.


Orines is a mixed population. You are just as likely to see an elf in the market as a gnome or human. Most wear pale colors, only the richest being able to afford vibrancy. The general population is kind, to a point, but as throughout Sezona, bigotry and racism pervade the kind words.


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