Jeremiah Cobalt

The Deadly Gentleman


Jeremiah Cobalt; a marvel of high society. A charismatic, elegant gentleman with a hint of snobbery, he is a man that gets what he desires. Standing tall at 6’2", Jeremiah is clad in a well tailored black suit, complete with top hat, elegant boots, a fabulous bow tie and a bright purple cloak. A man of a thousand names; Jerry, Mr. Cobalt, Dad, Sergeant Cobalt, Mr. Industries, he plays all roles flawlessly. Jeremiah’s physical appearance is very noteworthy as well; bright green eyes, sparkling black hair, a mechanical eye and a loud, clunky clockwork leg. He’s not hard to pick out in a crowd. It is recommended that you don’t get on Jerry’s bad side. He has been described as extremely deadly with a gun and is rumored to be quite ruthless.


Mr. Cobalt was born into a very wealthy family. He was healthy and well behaved, and did fantastically in school. It was a good life until much to his parents dismay, Jeremiah grew attached to a poor girl. Jeremiah’s father did not like that. At only 14 years old, Jeremiah was thrown onto the streets and disowned by his parents, just for loving a poor girl. He lived homeless and without wealth with the girl he loved and his best friend Isaac. At 17 years old his father passed away, whom of which much to Jeremiah’s surprise, left him a sum of money with his passing. With the money left to him Jeremiah married his childhood love, Theresa.

Early to Mid Adulthood
At age 18 Jeremiah left to study weaponry and engineering despite leaving his wife to care for his daughter Molly. It was the beginning of Cobalt Industries, and the start of Jeremiah’s legacy. Only 2 years later did Jeremiah create the design for a new firearm. One that revolutionized modern weaponry. Jeremiah created an accurate, reliable, and easy to use rifle. After perfecting his first design, he patented it and started production at age 23. It sold very quickly to armies, mercenaries and guards alike. That year he accumulated a small fortune and bought a derelict factory. Restored and outfitted for gunsmithing, Cobalt Industries had officially been established. Most of Jeremiah’s business was fueled by different nations trying to advance their firepower. This led to big business, and bigger controversy.

The Great War
With Cobalt industries selling firearms like candy, Jeremiah designed and manufactured more weapons. Eventually causing his factory to grow even larger and larger. Soon enough Jeremiah had one of the biggest factories in Wyrmstead, possibly even Albion. Arming several different nations with firearms and equipment was great business for Jeremiah. But not even he could predict what was about to happen. In late Autumn the Dwarven nations invaded human territory. Jeremiah had fueled a war, raising already unstable tensions between the Dwarves and the humans. Tens of thousands of lives, lost to Jeremiah’s work. He enlisted for reasons even he did not know. He rose to the rank of Sergeant and took control of a small squad. Which would eventually be known as the “Reapers of Camp 17” an infamous death squad infamously known for contributing to the genocide of thousands of innocent dwarves. Losing his eye in an escape attempt, the rebellion was quickly crushed. There were no dwarven survivors.

Post War
10 years later after the war, Jeremiah had fallen into depression after his traumatic experiences during the war and having learned of his wife’s death upon his return home. He also suffers from PTSD and a small case of insanity. Jeremiah returned home to his daughter Molly, whom is now 23 years old and ungrateful. A year later, Jeremiahs factory is running again and making money. Until one day he woke up in a dark alley with 4 strange people.

Jeremiah Cobalt

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