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Blades of Autumn is an ongoing campagin and this Portal is still a WIP. Please excuse any messy pages or writing you may encounter. Thanks and have a nice day. :D

The sun sat just on the horizon, bathing the silent world in warm hues. A hidden grove, no wind to disturb the newly fallen leaves of autumn. For a brief moment, there was peace. Then a thundering broke through and thousands appeared from the trees. Blade met shield in the clash of battle, a symphony of violence echoing through history. The decaying leaves turned sanguine as fresh blood was spilled in an endless battle. As the fury reached climax, four emerged from the mist. Together they made quick work of the weakened combatants. Their deed done, they gazed upon the field and each other. Ignoring the carnage around them they rushed for each other, aiming to be the sole survivor.

* * *

A battle of the ages roared as science and magic collided. Time stood still as music became deadly. The ground shook as black powder exploded through the air. Reality warped around flying fist and the sky burned with acid rained down. The battle raged and each gave their all. Exhausted, they dug deep to overcome the others. One final roar sent them flying, only to crash into nothing more than crimson leaves carried off on the wind. As the dust settled, the grove began the natural order. The gore would give birth to new life come spring. Once more the wood lay still, nothing more than the sunset shining on the blood red trees.

Blades of Autumn

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